SkyTrack ECO Driving is one of the most desirable systems, and it was developed with the aim of improving the abilities of professional drivers and achieving optimal driving in terms of safety, consumption, environmental protection and profitability. Today, there are many ECO driving solutions on the market, but most of them are based on statistical data, from which it is not always possible to easily and quickly draw conclusions about the quality of a particular driving style and driver, and about necessary driver training. This is precisely why Artronic has developed a unique SkyTrack ECO Driving system that does not use statistical data but data that is continuously recorded in the vehicle, monitors the driver's actions and reactions and sends them for analysis. In this way, managers will gain insight into the driver's driving style and enable him to receive quality training, supervise and ensure the application of acquired skills, but also ensure a return on investment. 
Project has started in 2015 and it involved more than a thousand drivers and vehicles. The advantages of using it are numerous, and we single out the most important ones:

  • Reduction of fuel consumption
  • Reduction of maintenance costs
  • Increasing traffic safety
  • Improvement of driving skills
  • Reduction of CO2 emissions
  • Environmental protection
  • Vehicle noise reduction
  • Responsible driving and stress reduction
  • Employee education

Implementation and evaluation is carried out in four phases:

  • Analysis - evaluating driving skills and driver behavior
  • Schooling - learning ECO driving techniques to increase safety, cut CO2 emission and reduce fuel consumption
  • Monitoring - collecting statistical data on events in the vehicle and calculation of ECO results
  • Training - training ECO driving with the help of a professional instructor and SkyTrack Instructor set

By properly using ECO driving techniques and the SkyTrack ECO Driving system, drivers will reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. The full implementation of the system takes place through the analysis of the current situation, driver training and the valorization of the training, with subsequent protection of the investment through constant monitoring and evaluation of the driver's driving style. Investment protection is ensured by monitoring the entire fleet through a system of constant driving style monitoring, reporting about quality and drivers ranking. Reports are automatic and individual for each driver, while they are joint for a particular sector or the entire fleet.

Results after using the SkyTrack ECO Drive system show that 95% of drivers have shown remarkable improvements in driving efficiency; fuel consumption is reduced by 20%, maintenance costs are reduced by 5% and CO2 emission levels are reduced by 20%.