SkyTrack system is the main product of the company that consists of a set of related hardware and software solutions intended for full integration into the operational mobile processes of medium and large companies. Included units are logistics, fleet, tracking and sales. System development began in 2001. and since then it has been constantly improved and upgraded, and seven years later it has expanded with complete analysis and optimization of logistics processes. In 2011, SkyTrack, the company's brand, enters field force management with optimization and analytical techniques. As a system solution for optimization of logistics processes and quality transparent business, SkyTrack is used by the largest companies in the region, and to this day, thanks to our customers, we count tens of thousands of installations. The installation of the system covers a wide range of business processes for users, while better monitoring and control eliminates potential problems and mistakes.


To be the leading company for designing and installation of industrial and biomedical electronics devices in the region, with the quality of Artronic products and services created by all employees and recognizable to users.


Design and install industrial and biomedical electronics devices whose applicability and quality will be the brand of Artronic d.o.o.

Artronic in

  • More than 30 Years of Business
  • More than 100 Servers
  • More than 30000 Installations

„In-house“ production of software and hardware solutions

Personalized approach to client's needs