SkyTrack Digital Proof of Delivery is an advanced system which allows effective and optimal delivery without unnecessary paperwork. It primarily helps clients with planning and optimizing the delivery process, as well as the dispatch process. 

The key modules of the SkyTrack system are Logistics, Shipping, Delivery Prime, Position Manager, Track&Trace System, Document Generator, Dashboard and Reports. 

  • With Logistics, the user is able to plan and optimize automatically the routes for their delivery. With this, they skip any unnecessary costs of gas, time and labor.
  • The Shipping module is used to follow the shipping process and monitor any changes that may appear before the truck leaves for delivery.
  • The third module, Delivery Prime, is used by the driver. It is a plan of all shipments that need to be done, followed by navigation of his/her routes, delivery and collection details, as well as a module for buyer's signature when the delivery is made.
  • Position Manager allows tracking of the vehicle and the goods in real time by all parties included in the trade.
  • Track&Trace serves as an Info Panel where all the parties included in the trade can follow the status of delivery.
  • The next module, Document Generator, automatically creates required documentation with actual quantities, sends it to ERP/WMS and the customer.
  • The Dashboard is mostly used by the management to analyze the graphical representation of the whole process. Finally, the Reports are another analysis tool which shows KPI's, cost-effectiveness level and summary reports.